Universal Hub for web3 products, serving end-users, builders and projects

Universal Hub for web3 products, serving end-users, builders and projects

User-centered web3 products, dApps, and tools developed to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technologies and applications

dApp Hub

An all-in-one dApp hub for DeFi, GameFi, and NFT enthusiasts. With our platform, you can access all your favorite web3 dApps from one convenient place. Our goal is to simplify your web3 experience and make it easier for you to explore the endless possibilities of the web3 ecosystem

White-label Products

Providing user-friendly, highly customizable, and scalable white-label solutions for DeFi, GameFi, and NFT applications. Our solutions enable you to grow your web3 project or company quickly and affordably, without the hassle and expense of in-house development.

Beyond Multichain Interoperability

True interoperability goes beyond seamless interaction across different blockchains. A future of interoperability, where both decentralized and centralized applications seamlessly integrate, thereby heightening user experience and reach.

SynCity Virtual World

Syntrum City (SynCity) is a virtual universe that provides users with a realistic, interactive, and engaging virtual environment. It is built on a simplified macroeconomic model that reflects real-life economic principles and uses a novel population-wealth balancer model to ensure scalability, sustainability, and free access to users based on the real-time economic needs of the world.

Create, Customize and Personalize your Avatars...

Build, Explore and Discover your SynCity World...

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